StatusBar+ upgraded to Alpha Three

Are you using StatusBar+, or waiting for a good reason to purchase the full version? Well now is the time. It has been upgraded to version Alpha Three and now includes the following features/ fixes:

  • Added the ability to auto-hide the status bar when a given application is opened (experimental).
  • Automatically drops the signal indicator when in a call.
  • Added the ability to disable the swipe to display the system notification panel.
  • Added a battery percent indicator.
  • Plays nice with WidgetLocker and NoLock (experimental).
  • Fixed bug with scrolling in icon list.
  • Fixed bug with hiding time/ signal strength.
  • Fixed Wi-Fi pulsation when searching/ connecting to a network.
  • Removed overscroll glow in all lists (GB+).

Please remember that if you do not see the icons you need only click and they will appear, and if you run into issues (which is very possible), emailing us is preferred to a Market comment if you wish to see the issue resolved. For those using StatusBar+ Lite please consider purchasing the full version if you want the latest features, settings, and bug fixes. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting this application, especially those who have been reporting bugs and waiting patiently for them to be fixed.

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