Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Brings Laughs

Update: after taking a glance at PlatLogoActivity it has been determined that after three successful displays of this easter egg the Nyandoid Activity is started. Now we know where we will be seeing this hidden extra in Google’s next iteration of Android.

Have Google and Samsung successfully enticed you with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) and the Galaxy Nexus? While there is no doubt that the guys at Mountain View are hard at work, you know easing Android OS fragmentation and what not, what’s to stop the developers from having a little fun. In Android 2.2 Froyo it was the isUserAMonkey() and wtf() (What a Terrible Failure) methods that brought us laughs. Come Honeycomb they added fyiWillBeAdvancedByHostKThx().

While snooping around the latest Galaxy Nexus system dump it appears that those Google guys have done it again, this time with everyone’s favorite Nyancat! Interestingly enough it has found its way into the Android Platform in the form of, a class found in the package which can be located in SystemUI.jar as well as a nyandroid_anim.xml file in the resources directory. There is no telling where this will show up, but it should be noted that a dozen Android’s in Ice Cream Sandwich PNG images were also found in SystemUI and that inherits from Activity, so it will likely be an easter eggs displayed perhaps by clicking a setting a number of times or something. As you look forward to all of the new features of Android 4.0, keep on the lookout for Nyandroid and if you just cannot wait until the end of the month check out the Nyandroid Live Wallpaper in the Android Market.

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