StatusBar+ Reaches Beta

StatusBar+ beta one Screenshot

Happy New Years everyone! Our gift to you comes in the form of an update for StatusBar+, which is now in beta. Among the new features includes automatic full-screen detection (no more choosing which applications to auto-hide in), notification support (when StatusBar+ is enabled in Settings > Accessibility), the ability to remove the ongoing notification, an option for rooted users on Gingerbread – Honeycomb that removes the system status bar completely, and an improved user interface featuring new Zune-style pivots.

Remember that while StatusBar+ is no longer in its alpha stage of development, bugs are still likely present. Being as unique of an application as it is, StatusBar+ may not work perfectly on every device. As always if you run into an issue please send us an email stating your device, firmware, and a description of the problem. Leaving comments in the Android Market will not allow us to address the issue.

That is it for now, so thank you to all of our beta testers for providing valuable feedback, and cheers to a New Year, 2012 here we come!

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