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StatusBar+ Data Backup/ Restore Options

StatusBar+ Data Backup

As our applications become more complex and more customizable and users have multiple devices we realize that there is a need for additional, behind-the-scenes work on our applications. Applications like Launcher7 already have such features as they have been around now for almost a year. On the other hand, fairly up-and-coming applications like StatusBar+ are becoming more and more complex and yet users do not have a means to synchronize or back up their settings. As we look toward ways to improve user experience one thing is key: these tasks must occur beyond the user’s perception.

This is not to say that we are tricking our users, just making the processes automatic. The next releases of some of our applications with utilize a feature new to Android 2.2 Froyo called Data Synchronization. This means that every time you install our applications on your other devices they should be exactly where you left off with the same colors, positions, etc. Moreover, we are working on external storage data backup which gives users complete control over their data. You can copy & paste the file(s), share them with friends, store them in the cloud, and so forth. You can then keep copies of your settings at given times and this return to a previous state with ease!

We hope that our users will appreciate our efforts to make our applications just work! To us, user experience is our number one priority. As always, we welcome your feedback and hope that you look forward to some new updates soon.

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