Introducing SignalSense™

As we continue to revamp StatusBar+ and all of our applications we are trying to find creative ways around complex problems. Signal strength detection has long been an issue that has plagued StatusBar+ as OEMs make decisions to further fragment Android and change stuff behind the scenes. These changes occur completely transparent to users, but developers like in constant fear of a force close, or sometimes worse: elusive bugs! Issue 16862 is one such example where OEMs made the decision to remove the ability for applications to properly obtain signal strength for certain devices.

A few months back we created Signal Strength Detector. It was meant to solace some of the issues surrounding detecting signal strength by collecting a large set of data regarding the possibly routes to detect signal. This proved effective… to a point. It seems that many OEMs have different standards for calculating signal, completely throwing official standard bodies to the wind. These devices cannot display proper signal strength in third-party applications without the developer going on a case-by-case basis to alter calculation for each device.

That is where SignalSense™ comes in! We are proud to announce a new technology to be featured in our application that lets your device do all of the work for you. Instead of calculating signal strength within our applications. SignalSense™ leverages your devices hidden information to dynamically adjust itself based on a certain set of predetermined parameters. The end result is improved signal detection on every device that automatically adapts itself, and for the most part an accurate signal on almost every Android device!

2 thoughts on “Introducing SignalSense™

  1. Hi 7+ Android Team,

    I’m testing all available apps of your team, and it’s pretty cool. Right now, I’m testing the latest dev of Launcher7 and actively participating in the discussions at Timo’s page in G+. Since I’am a status+ bar user, I want also to test the current beta of this project and to check also its compatibility with Launcher7.

    Hope you can consider my request.

    Thanks in advance.

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