StatusBar+ Roadmap

After some healthy discussion on Google+ we have come to realize that, while release dates are detrimental to the overall development process, roadmaps provide a similar level of transparency without the same amount of responsibility. We do not provide release dates because users tend to get upset when we are unable to meet them. On the other hand, scheduled updates give the user a sense of what is to come and an assurance that development has not ceased.

With that said, here is what we have regarding StatusBar+. It began as the custom status bar for ANY Android device, rooted or not, and done WP7-style. As we look to expand our user base we have added support for notifications and improved stability immensely. Now we are turning out attention toward customizations.

StatusBar+ Backup And Restore Functionality

StatusBar+ Backup/ Restore

The next version of StatusBar+ will be called orchid, continuing with the flower-based version naming seen alongside ChargeBar and The Seven+ Calculator. It will consist mostly of internal improvements and optimizations, but as a number of new features:

  • Specific support for SMS and MMS.
  • Data Synchronization and external storage backup/ restore functionality.
  • Notifications that can be swiped to the left and right with configurable actions (like open, dismiss, and more).
  • 3D MetroUI-style animations.
StatusBar+ During Animation

StatusBar+ mid-animation

While these may sound great, we did not want to stop there. Users often suggest that we add different themes because they are just not fans of the Windows Phone 7 UI. Sacrificing a few customizations like the ability to set the background & icon color to whatever your heart desires, we look to add support for third-party themes in an upcoming release. This will give the theme control over what images to use for what indicators as well as their positions and styles. An API based on the AOSP SystemUI code would allow ROM status bar themes to be easily ported as APKs and installed on the user’s device. They would be given a list of all installed applications and after a quick restart of the app, be able to change the theme of their status bar on-the-fly.

With all of that said, we still need your feedback on improving StatusBar+ and StatusBar+ Lite. Let us know what you would like to see, and let us know how we can make the first custom status bar for ANY Android device, rooted or not, into the custom status bar!

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to hearing your suggestions!

3 thoughts on “StatusBar+ Roadmap

  1. These are all great features indeed! Nicely written too!

    I do have a feature.. let’s say i want to see both time and connectivity as standard only want the wi-fi and battery to drop when i click.. that would be nice to make that next level selection..

    Also is it possible to give the notification center a wp 7 look.. sure wp7 doenst have a swipe down center, but that could be that plus feature in statusbar+

  2. Hello.

    One thing about status bar lite. After phone restart, I need to turn status bar on again. Seems that the option “start on boot” don’t work (on my device). Normal version of donate status bar works all fine with phone rebooting.
    When this orchid donate version will be released ?


    • The whole point of the roadmap is that we won’t be providing release dates. Regarding the boot option we’ll look into this sounds like a bug. Thanks for the feedback.

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