Google+ & Photography

For fans of Google+, it is always good news when the social network proves itself to be ahead of its competition in some way or another. With increasing pressure to compete with social media giant Facebook, Google+ is having to work harder than ever to close the gap between them. One way in which it has done this is to put a lot of effort into its photo technology services. It is enhancing this aspect of its platform by using innovative techniques and brainpower. It will be interesting to see how the photo element of Google+ is improved as a result.

If Google+ is successful in expanding and improving their photography platform, then they will stand a good chance of closing the gap between them and Facebook. At the moment, many people upload photographs to the latter social network, using their computers or mobile phones with a network like O2. However, increasing numbers of photographers are discovering Google+ and the enhanced photography display service that they offer. These features have been found to be much more advanced than that if its competition.

One advantage of using Google+ for photographers is that there is sufficient light-box integration. This means that galleries can be viewed conveniently and easily. As well as this, photographers can find other like-minded people and organize real-life photography walks and trips. While this is possible with Facebook, the concept has not taken off and Google+ is still the place to go for this type of socializing. User can also find hangouts for those interested in photography, as well as many other things. So as long as Google+ only moves upwards from here, it is likely that they will continue to capture the photography market, as well as working their way into others.

As is things weren’t tense enough, Facebook released its application, Facebook Camera, not long ago. As the social network giant looks to turn the other direction after its IPO, and after purchasing Instagram, Google will have to work even harder to compete.

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