Have Pride

Often times we look at out applications and think how much further we have to go. We notice all of the features missing, all of the bugs, and the differences in responsiveness compared to the applications that inspire us. Try as we may, the glass is always half empty.

Today we are encouraging everyone to join us and have pride, the glass is in fact half full! We want to show everyone what we have done and not what we still have to do.

Full screenshot of Launcher7

Launcher7 is our oldest application available on Google Play so it is only reasonable that it is also our most established. Here is a full-scale panoramic screenshot of Launcher7 running on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Widget tiles, app tiles, folders, notification counter tiles, contact tiles, and more and displayed, each just a swipe away! The top status bar is another of our apps, StatusBar+. The result: a seamless, highly-customizable WP7 experience. The custom status bar is a built-in feature of Launcher7 as well for those who do not need the same level of customization. A swipe to the right reveals an app drawer with the option for indexing so that two clicks is all you need to reach any app. All this under $2.

ZPlayer Panoramic Home Screen

Our second oldest application is ZPlayer and with age comes wisdom. It is a highly-refined music experience like no other. It has a simple, smooth user experience and features every music junkie will love. Even the largest collection is no match as the panoramic home screen allows for quick navigation to what you care about while jumpviews make getting around albums and artists a breeze. It integrates with services like last.fm to provide amazing, high-quality images, album art, and artist biographies. The features are endless and the best way to understand is to experience it yourself.

The Seven+ Calculator

Although many users take this for granted, we take every detail seriously. The Seven+ Calculator is not even a year old and yet it is loved by many and packs more features than the original inspiring app. It is the perfect calculator for any user, offering advanced trigonometric functions along with simple percent operations. Whether you need to calculate a tip or the angle of an physics problem, The Seven+ Calculator works for you. That, and it looks great doing it. Did we also forget to mention, it is completely free!

Want to show your support and get an awesome t-shirt? We’ve uploaded the “I Love Seven+ Android” design to SpreadShirt. We get a $2.39 commission on each shirt sold so it is a great way to show your support and tell everyone about us. As always thank you and happy coding!

The Seven+ Project on AndroidPit

AndroidPit Logo

After much anticipation a number of our applications including Launcher7, StatusBar+, and The Seven+ Calculator, are available on AndroidPit! This will allow our users who want to purchase and support our applications via PayPal to do so. We have never used this service before but have had a pleasant experience thus far with uploading our applications. To bear with us as we get used of a new system and if you were previously unable to purchase our application due to a lack of a credit card this should help.

Android Software Buttons

ICS Software Buttons WP7 Style

Today we mentioned on Google+ that we are now using custom WP7-style Android 4.0 ICS software buttons. Well you can too if you are running the BAMF Paradigm ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. You can download the modified SystemUI.apk here then push it to /system/app and reboot. Then enable “Key Reflections” if you have not done so already, and you’re all set. That’s it!

Disclaimer: all testing was done on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus running BAMF Paradigm version 1.2.5, Android 4.0.4. We take no responsibility for any damage caused, you assume full responsibility for your actions. That means it’s your fault if your phone doesn’t boot, if it catches on fire and burns down your parent’s house, or anything else.

StatusBar+ Lite Passes 100,000 Downloads


StatusBar+ Logo

In honor of StatusBar+ Lite passing 100,000 downloads on Google Play we are putting out an update today. It offers more customizations, better performance & signal/ network detection, 1% battery increments for Motorola devices, and a GPS/ language combination indicator. Let us know what you think and be on the look out for the update today, or if you just cannot wait screenshots are available on Google+. We hope that you will enjoy it, and if possible consider purchasing the full version of StatusBar+.


Just this past week I sold one of my applications, Ice Cream Sandwich Calculator, on Apptopia. It was a port of the Android 4.0 calculator application to Android 2.1 Eclair up to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I must admit that the process went quite smoothly and was surprised to discover that transferring applications between developer accounts is actually quite easy!

If you are a developer interested in earning some up-front cash for your applications check them out. It doesn’t cost a thing to list your application and believe it or not you can even turn a profit on free applications! They are still in their initial phase of launch so the interface does take a bit of time to get used to, but this is definitely being improved upon. Fortunately email support from one of their founding members, Jonathan Kay, is amazing. If you are skeptical just shoot him an email with a list of questions, I’m sure he’ll be glad to walk you through the process.

Note: the APK for ICS Calculator as of this blog post can be found here on our website for those without access to Google Play, and the sale does not affect the open source nature of the application. Source code is still freely available on GitHub.

Pardon Our French

Johan Jaworski and his son

Johan Jaworski and his son

As we expand our offerings we are always looking for good translators who are willing to work with us to localize our applications as best possible. Recently our applications have benefited from improved French translations courtesy of Johan Jaworski. He has truly been a great help to our team as he is always willing to translate and improve on his translations with each update. He even learned XML so that he could more easily interact with developers.

A self-proclaimed babysitter and proud father, one would wonder where Johan gets the time to do what he does. Simply put, we don’t know, but we are certain that our French users are glad that he does. Currently ChargeBar and StatusBar+ have benefited from his work, but look forward to updates soon on all of our applications with improved French localization.

This has been a brief glance into the personal side of The Seven+ Project. If you are fluent in two or more languages including English and, like Johan, willing to take the time to localize our applications into your native language drop us an email. While our current size does not allow us to offer much in terms of monetary compensation we make sure to give credit where credit is due.