Just this past week I sold one of my applications, Ice Cream Sandwich Calculator, on Apptopia. It was a port of the Android 4.0 calculator application to Android 2.1 Eclair up to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I must admit that the process went quite smoothly and was surprised to discover that transferring applications between developer accounts is actually quite easy!

If you are a developer interested in earning some up-front cash for your applications check them out. It doesn’t cost a thing to list your application and believe it or not you can even turn a profit on free applications! They are still in their initial phase of launch so the interface does take a bit of time to get used to, but this is definitely being improved upon. Fortunately email support from one of their founding members, Jonathan Kay, is amazing. If you are skeptical just shoot him an email with a list of questions, I’m sure he’ll be glad to walk you through the process.

Note: the APK for ICS Calculator as of this blog post can be found here on our website for those without access to Google Play, and the sale does not affect the open source nature of the application. Source code is still freely available on GitHub.

Introducing SignalSense™

As we continue to revamp StatusBar+ and all of our applications we are trying to find creative ways around complex problems. Signal strength detection has long been an issue that has plagued StatusBar+ as OEMs make decisions to further fragment Android and change stuff behind the scenes. These changes occur completely transparent to users, but developers like in constant fear of a force close, or sometimes worse: elusive bugs! Issue 16862 is one such example where OEMs made the decision to remove the ability for applications to properly obtain signal strength for certain devices.

A few months back we created Signal Strength Detector. It was meant to solace some of the issues surrounding detecting signal strength by collecting a large set of data regarding the possibly routes to detect signal. This proved effective… to a point. It seems that many OEMs have different standards for calculating signal, completely throwing official standard bodies to the wind. These devices cannot display proper signal strength in third-party applications without the developer going on a case-by-case basis to alter calculation for each device.

That is where SignalSense™ comes in! We are proud to announce a new technology to be featured in our application that lets your device do all of the work for you. Instead of calculating signal strength within our applications. SignalSense™ leverages your devices hidden information to dynamically adjust itself based on a certain set of predetermined parameters. The end result is improved signal detection on every device that automatically adapts itself, and for the most part an accurate signal on almost every Android device!

WP7Lock: The Next-Generation Custom Lockscreen

WP7Lock Lockscreen for Android Demonstrating ZPlayer Integration

WP7Lock with ZPlayer Integration

There are no shortages of custom lockscreens for Android, but few work without a hitch for every user, rooted or not. That is where WP7Lock comes in. We recognize that it has been quite some time since the last update, six months to be precise. However, this is because we have been planning a major update making WP7Lock the next-generation custom lockscreen!

Among the new features are integration with ZPlayer, StatusBar+, improved translations, better performance and memory management, and Google calendar synchronization. Oh, and don’t forget the new features that really separate WP7Lock from the competition: a zero-second delay for all users, rooted or not, and disabled Android 4.0 ICS software buttons. Head over to our Google+ page and our forum for more screenshots and information, and don’t forget to check Google Play for the update.

Android Feature Request (Notification Dismissal)

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Status Bar

ICS Status Bar

Issue 23106 proposes to add the ability for applications to know when notifications have been dismissed in the status bar. Pretty simple, but such a feature is absolutely crutial in the development of applications like StatusBar+ and Laucher7. Such a feature would allow for StatusBar+ to include in-bar notifications like the stock status bar, or Launcher7 to display the notification unread message count next to any application be it Gmail, Facebook, or what have you without special permissions, root access, or polling a server. In general this feature will make Android a better platform for developers and users alike, which is why we are asking everyone to take a moment and star this issue. Together we can change Android for the better!

Pardon Our French

Johan Jaworski and his son

Johan Jaworski and his son

As we expand our offerings we are always looking for good translators who are willing to work with us to localize our applications as best possible. Recently our applications have benefited from improved French translations courtesy of Johan Jaworski. He has truly been a great help to our team as he is always willing to translate and improve on his translations with each update. He even learned XML so that he could more easily interact with developers.

A self-proclaimed babysitter and proud father, one would wonder where Johan gets the time to do what he does. Simply put, we don’t know, but we are certain that our French users are glad that he does. Currently ChargeBar and StatusBar+ have benefited from his work, but look forward to updates soon on all of our applications with improved French localization.

This has been a brief glance into the personal side of The Seven+ Project. If you are fluent in two or more languages including English and, like Johan, willing to take the time to localize our applications into your native language drop us an email. While our current size does not allow us to offer much in terms of monetary compensation we make sure to give credit where credit is due.

The Android Galaxy Reviews


We would first like to take the time to say thank you to our partner, The Android Galaxy, for taking the time to so carefully review our apps. For new users interested but skeptical in what we have to offer we highly recommend that you read their comprehensive reviews. There are currently featured reviews for ZPlayer, StatusBar+, ChargeBar, the Seven+ Calculator, and Launcher7 with more on the way soon. Again, we are glad to be partnering with such a great organization and hope that they will be of assistance to prospective users.

Connecting The Dots

It has been over a year since the initial release of some of our projects, well over half a year since our inception, and yet admittedly we seem to have run into an issue. We have over half a dozen applications with more on the way and updates to our current applications, and yet the just do not play as nice with one another as they could. That is why we are re-working the framework behind some of our applications to allow them to better communicate with one another, without compromising security or efficiency. Be on the look out for updates to all of your favorite applications and see how they integrate with one another. Whether you are opening a Dialog box in one application or the Accent color chooser in another, everything in the system should just work well together. Now if only that logic applied to people as much as it did apps!

StatusBar+ & The Seven+ Calculator

StatusBar+ & Seven+ Calculator

More Than Metro

It has been over half a year since The Seven+ Project began, and the results are truly overwhelming. As with anything our mission and our actions change over time. At our inception we envisioned something simple to imagine, but difficult to implement: the openness of Android with the user experience of Windows Phone 7. However, as our work progressed we came to the realization that what we were doing was about something more: pushing the boundaries.

In a sense our mission has gone from narrow to broad, but in a sense our focus has shifted. When we work to create the products that we do in the back of our minds is this notion that what we are doing has never been done before, and could quite possibly lead to bigger things. Take StatusBar+ for example, it was the first custom status bar. Since its release it was made open source, and almost immediately after its source code would contribute to the creation of another, even more unimaginably popular application, Super Status Bar. It serves as an example for developers looking into making applications that similarly push the limits of people’s imaginations who would have never though such an app possible.

Even the two oldest applications that are part of The Seven+ Project, Launcher7 and ZPlayer, have undergone transformations. They have included customizations far beyond the scope of Windows Phone 7, and allow users to truly make their experience their own. They exist today as two of the best applications for what they do, and their reviews speak for themselves. With the release of ChargeBar we hope to hit this point home, but no longer is The Seven+ Project solely synonymous with WP7. Instead, we are a cooperative venture of like-minded individuals interested in showcasing our talent and dropping jaws, showing the true potential of Android. The reaction to our work has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have our users to thank.