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  • Suggestions
    Would you like to make a suggestion for a feature that one of our applications should have? Well this is the place to do it!
    15 discussions 57 commentsMost recent: Feature Suggestions by tombarrJune 13
  • Bugs
    Notice a bug in one of our applications? Tell us everything you can including what device, ROM, kernel, etc. you have and the steps necessary to produce the bug. If possible a log would be great, or submit the error with the Android Market. We are always looking to improve our applications and rely on your feedback to do so.
    17 discussions 52 commentsMost recent: Unfortunately, Zplayer has stopped..! by Reckoning_7August 10
  • The Project
    Everything that has to do with the Seven+ Project. Users can ask questions and learn about how the project operates, who it includes, which applications are part of the project, and more.
    4 discussions 45 commentsMost recent: Seven+ Union by xricky15June 28
  • Themes
    All of the applications offered by as part of the Seven+ Project are designed to operate on a standard Android handset running the ROM produced by its manufacturer. However, ROMs made available by third-party developers allow theming features and when rooted access to system level features in Market applications. Here discussions include tutorials on how to achieve the full user experience that even a complete suite of applications cannot offer like boot animations, system sounds, and more.
    4 discussions 21 commentsMost recent: Cm7 Theme by Pyromatic18June 25
  • Development
    Developers can discuss how to use and implement various features into their applications. This is the place to share knowledge with one another. If another application has a feature that you wish to implement in your own application ask here.
    1 discussion 5 commentsMost recent: Internet Explorer by xricky15July 1
  • Applications
    Discussions regarding applications that are currently available on the Android Market. These applications have been made publicly available by their developers.Praise, feature suggestions, bug reports, translation fixes, and the like are all fair game. Remember if you are reporting a bug/ issue to state your device and a method to reproduce the bug.
    9 discussions 67 commentsMost recent: ZPlayer by djurospremoAugust 14
  • General
    General discussions
    3 discussions 9 commentsMost recent: Statusbar+ Notifications by tombarrJanuary 21

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