Hard home key doesn't work on HTC Desire
  • Hi, 

    occasionally, I get into a state whereby hitting the hard home key doesn't bring the launcher7 UI up. There's an audible click response, but the display doesn't change from the currently loaded app. Once in this state, I can only return to the launcher7 screen if the app unloads itself (e.g. by pressing the hard back key often enough). 

    Phone is an HTC Desire A8181. 
    Android 2.2 
    Baseband version
    Kernel version
    Build number 2.29.305.5 CL293415

    Launcher version, but problem was also present on previous version. 

    Best regards, 

  • tombarrtombarr
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    Hmm, this is certainly strange. I have never heard of such an issue. Nonetheless the developer of Launcher 7 has been informed, and thank you for providing such verbose information!


    - Tom
    Founder and Developer
  • I've done some controlled testing (reluctantly went back to using the HTC sense home screen), and the bug has started happening again - must be some other app causing problems. 

    Sorry for the false alarm!
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