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  • Hey, I just wanted to help start off this forum as I think this is a truely great project!

    This theme was initially built for HDPI but PLEASE try it on your other devices - apparently theme chosoe rscales it down...something I didn't know :P


    Here is my Windows phone 7 theme - *alpha* - based off Lucas Scott's and Trax26's themes.

    Latest version... Note the themed keyboard :) (Latin Ime keyboard only atm...)


    Original Xda thread:

    For the future:
    There is some development for windows phone 7 themes for Cm7 out there. I have created my own, as has AlexD818 for MDPI - and we are sharing eachothers knowledge at the moment. 

    I also understand that 72ls1 [who is a part of this project - right? :D] has created a MIUI theme, and is working on a Cm7 one - which will probably trump my own :P

    Criticism is welcome, and anyone here has my permission to modify this, but notify me if you do (:
  • I am glad to see that you have brought your work to our humble forum! I've gotten confused by the sheer quantity of pseudo-names, so I do not know if 72ls1 is one of us, but you can check our People tab on our home page to verify so. I have seen your work and it is quite impressive, I only wish CM7's Theme Manager allow external code through ClassLoaders to truly theme every component of the system.

    Keep up the good work!

    - Tom
  • Tom didn't realize my handle, He still hasn't put my profile up yet either. :)
    Seven+ Team
  • 72ls1 said:

    Tom didn't realize my handle, He still hasn't put my profile up yet either. :)

    Ah fair enough :P

    How is your theme going by the way? - And what should I add to this...themed news and weather or something :P

  • jasgfxjasgfx
    Posts: 2
    Using this theme with launcher 7 :) love it!!
  • Pyromatic18Pyromatic18
    Posts: 5
    Any chance for this to be ported to cm9?

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