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    Hey everyone. 

    I just upgraded to the donate version of Launcher7 and I was thrilled with the addition of a Folder widget to the home screen. That was something that I was really looking forward to. 

    There are a couple of things that I've seen other people do with Launcher7 (using multiple Launchers I believe) that I think would be awesome. 

    1. Different Wallpapers for the Application Drawer and for the Folder widget. That is, when you scroll to the Application Drawer, it would be great if that could stay a solid color because some wallpapers make the text hard to read. Or maybe I'm just missing a setting somewhere. Same thing goes for when you open a Folder widget. It would be awesome if a wallpaper could be applied there or at least the background color be changed. Another thing that would rock is if the Folders launched from the homescreen could be scrolled horizontally. 

    2. Another thing I've seen that sets WP7 apart is their contacts UI. I've seen an app in the Market that attempts to replicate it but the reviews aren't that great so I'm hesitant to try it out. 

    I'm loving this so much. I've tried different launchers but this is by far my favorite. I'm going to try using Desktop Visualizer and multiple launchers to try and replicate what I'm writing here, we'll see how it goes. 

    Thanks! Keep up the fantastic work!
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    Thank you for pointing this out. We are actually working on both of what you have suggested. Unfortunately the later especially is rather complicated and Android's 3D animation library is lacking, so it will take a while to get this one perfect.


    - Tom
    Founder and Developer
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