What is the 7+ you speak of?
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    Greetings gang,

    Newbie here who stumbled upon this forum after updating MIUI 1.11.18, and updating theme from iPhone to 7+ on my Fascinate (Samsung Galaxy S)

    Just wondering if anyone here would be willing to edubacate me on this new system. 

    Is it only a theme of MIUI or is it also offered as a ROM?

    I see components of 7+ can be purchased...whats with dat?  how is a paid portion differ from the free theme on MIUI?

    Sure I got more questions, but this is enough to spin my limited brain capacity.

    Oh; thanks in advance for your support!

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    The Seven+ Project is a collaborative initiative including a number of developers/ designers worldwide. The theme which you speak of for MIUI was developed by one or more of our members. Our focus is on creating applications with an overall unique, good experience which often takes hints from Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 (the Metro UI). The paid and free applications that you find on the Android Market are made by many different developers and are designed to work on as many devices as possible, with or without root. The paid ones (and ads in the free ones) are meant to support the teams development. Unfortunately we do not offer a ROM at this time, but it is an idea that we have been playing with for some time.

    I hope this clarifies any confusion.


    - Tom
    Founder and Developer
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