Popup 7 Necessary changes
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    Got popup 7 app, love it but after couple of days of use i have some issues with it. Firstly, the app doesnt integrate well with the messaging apps. If i click read in my messaging app, the notification icon of the popup 7 does not go away. And this happens vice versa.

    Also, the autocorrect mode of the thumb keyboard app does not work when using quick reply of popup 7.

    Otherwise great app. I use launcher 7, thumb keyboard (that has the windows 7 theme keyboard and awesome customisations to make the keyboard bigger) and popup 7 so far.

    I also suggest you guys look at the app simple home. its a metro style home launcher. but its simplicity is just great. i swap between the launcher 7 and simple home app because i am torn between the two. i like the simplicity and aesthetic value of simple home whereas i need widget support so i use launcher 7.

    Final request would be for a windows 7 messaging app. I used that beta version (messenging metro beta), that developer is a hack, he got donated so much money and he has not released an update. The app i buggy, never updates messages properly, the send button does not work half the time and its just slow. I wish you guys come up with some this man.

    I use htc sensation. Awesomest phone ever!



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