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    As many of you may know, we offer a calculator as part of our suite of applications. It is available in the Android Market in two identical forms, a free version and a donate version. They offer all standard calculator features include percent calculation, trigonometric functions, and more. The layout of the calculator changes based on the devices orientation. Moreover, for the full experience you can enable a custom status bar, change the accent color, and enable the fly-out animation. It also features history functionality, remembering the last 100 completed operations. Please check out the free version and if you like it consider donating either to the application or the project in general. Enjoy, and thank you for reading!

    The Seven+ Calculator is now open source on GitHub!
    720 x 1280 - 48K
    720 x 1280 - 34K
    720 x 1280 - 44K
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  • Haha its amazing how far it has come as my first Android application!

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