Manually creating 3x3-grid contact tile with animated contact photos
  • Greetings, all--

    Sincere apologies if this topic has been covered before, I didn't see a solution in older posts.

    Have installed Launcher 7 (donate) on three different devices, but on my main device (Droid Charge/Samsung I-510) I can't seem to get the 3x3-grid animated Live Contacts tile to install using the "Run Initial Configuration" wizard.  (This process did, however, work on my Galaxy Tab). Tried creating a 3x3-grid Contacts tile using the "Add Special Tile" function, but didn't see how it's possible to create one tile with multiple animated contacts -- it only permits me to select one single contact, which takes up the entire real estate of the tile.  Also tried Folder Tile and Picture Hub, but they didn't seem to be the right path either.

    Help/suggestions very much appreciated on how to create the 3x3 tile manually.

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    This is very strange, we will certainly look into the matter. One possibility may be memory restrictions. As you know Launcher7, especially when using 3D animations, a Live Contact tile, and Picture Hub tile, can take a toll on any device and the Galaxy Tab may just have more in it to handle these things. As future updates come out we should be able to better optimize these things and smooth out any issues.


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