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    Hi there

    sorry, im sure this has been discussed before. I have 2 problems i just cannot get my head around.

    1st one is my hotmail setup. I selected the generic imap option

    My account i have down as my [email protected]

    Have my password in, but then i get stuck at the following

    server i would assume would be something like no? with Port 993 having ticked off SSL? if this is incorrect, please advise.

    Where im truely stuck is, mailbox location. I have no idea what this, or i might know, but just completely an idiot.

    My 2nd issue are around the exchange setup.

    I have all the details correct, but i constantly get an failed to find server, incorrect settings found. However, ive run this with our IT department, and everything is correct.

    Please assist.


  • tombarrtombarr
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    Heya  isgakbrfc,

    Regarding Hotmail, this is not officially supported. Hotmail does not officially support IMAP that same way say GMail does, however there are reports that it is possible to set up Hotmail as an Exchange email inbox. YMMV
    As for Exchange not working, its possible that your IT department may have additional requirements for security purposes. This feature absolutely works as I've used it to connect to Harvard's FAS webmail but there have been reports of others not working.

    I hope that helps but I am not an expert in email technologies and you may want to reach out to the developer, Timo Kujala, of Launcher7 although he is quite busy so a same-day response would be quite fortunate.


    Founder and Developer
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