Messaging 7 (MMS) -- attaching images?
  • SaharaCezSaharaCez
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    Greetings, all; a quick inquiry, probably best answered by Mr Deshmukh.

    I realize Messaging 7 is in Alpha, but I DL'ed it today to give it a test run.  I really like what I'm seeing so far (I'm a longtime user of ChompSMS), very sharp, very WP7.  However, one liability I noticed was M7's apparent limit as an SMS-only text messenger (at least in the current Alpha version).  Is the intent to eventually make M7 both SMS and MMS compliant, so pics can be attached?

    Looking forward to any news on that front.

  • tombarrtombarr
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    Absolutely! We apologize that Messaging7 does not yet feature MMS, but that is a hefty task especially to get proper compatibility across many devices. We absolutely plan to add MMS either in a future alpha or beta release. This will likely be done in a WP7-fashion with an attach icon in the bottom AppBar that then pulls up an image chooser dialog so that you can user your favorite app to choose an image.


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  • SaharaCezSaharaCez
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    Tom, no apologies necessary!  That's great news regarding Messaging 7 -- I'm looking forward to the future complete release.  So far, it looks great!

    All the best
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