Unfortunately, Zplayer has stopped..!
  • Whenever I use this player I keep getting this message .. 'Unfortunately, Zplayer has stopped'. I've noticed that this happens only when the wifi is switched on.I really love this player and it has tonnes of features as opposed to UberMusic but i'm forced to use the latter because of this bug. Hope you guys fix it soon! Thanks in advance! 

    - Using Htc One V.
  • tombarrtombarr
    Posts: 75
    Thanks for the heads up, do you have the option to "Report" or "Close"? This is known as a Force Close, and we cannot assist unless you choose "report." If that isn't an option, could you download aLogcat available for free on Google Play, cause ZPlayer to crash again, then open aLogcat and share your log via email with [email protected]?


  • Thanks for the prompt reply Tom. Couldn't find the "report" option so I downloaded aLogcat and sent the logs to roomtek.

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